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Working together towards a zero waste future

Welcome to Trillium Recycling

Your Recovery Experts

We recover, custom build, repair, pick-up pallets and repurposed pallets.
Providing recovery services for the Greater Toronto Area, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, and Bowmanville.


We supply a variety of quality pallets from manufactured, refurbished, standard size or custom built pallets for any business.  Our wide range of services offered includes pallet repairs, removal of scrap pallets and fast delivery.

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Repurposed Pallets

Whatever type or quantity of pallet waste your business produces, Trillium Recycling delivers a unique solution that streamlines the removal, processing, and repurposing of your pallets easy.

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When you begin with our pallet recovery program, you instantly diminish your need to constantly purchase new pallets because you have an ongoing, incoming pallet inventory – depending on how many pallets your business handles on a regular basis. By using refurbished pallets in place of new pallets, you’ll maximize your investment and prevent your company from overspending on packaging needs.

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Does your company need pellets, unwanted pallets or clean baled cardboard? Give us a call and well be happy to supply you with a quote!

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We are committed to playing our part to protect and preserve the environment and to minimising environmental impacts by reducing waste and emissions, encouraging repurposing and promoting energy efficiency.

Clean Forests require Recycling and a commit to be Green


We operate toward achieving a rigorous, consistent, and internationally coordinated strategy that delivers value for our customers. We will deliver high standards of quality, service and reliability in an environment that fosters safety, innovation and a sustainable environment.

Leaves, leaving a green Earth for future generations


TAKE YOUR PICK: We offer many pallet solutions by helping businesses sort through many different options that best meet their needs. We specialize in the manufacture and supply of quality new and second hand timber, design and construction of custom pallets and offer a delivery service for all orders regardless of quantity.

Wood Pallets Recycle, Repair, Remove for Toronto and Durham regions

Why Choose Trillium Recycling?

We’re serious about reducing and repurposing waste! We have always believed in the importance of building long term relationships with our clients and our professional dedicated team work with each individual site to develop the best repurposing solution for your business. Working together towards a zero landfill future!

  • Economical, sustainable & profitable solutions
  • Every pallet will be repurposed and not put into landfills
  • Reusing and recovering pallets and materials
  • Environmentally friendly practices – Go Green!

How we Help the Environment

We strive to achieve the optimum recovery performance for our customers, ourselves and the environment.

Pallet Recovery
Pallets Repaired
Trees Saved
Less Waste in Landfills


Our products are high quality meeting the stringent needs of our customers while still offering ecologically sound sources for manufacturing or reuse.


Our service is reliable because our partnerships are sound, strong and secure, and have a professional experienced motivated team.


Trillium Recycling isn’t just your local pallet specialist, we’re also your recovery process partner!


We offer the finest in wood pallets, designed to your specifications to meet your needs. We are constantly evolving our business around your needs with a get-it-done, and done well attitude.


We stand by our commitment to the highest level of customer care and satisfaction.


Our goal is to recover as many pallets as possible. For every pallet reused that’s one less tree that has to be cut down. We are a zero landfill company committed to repurposing 100% of the materials we collect!